Housing Rights, Safe Spaces, Collective Actions

A Talk and Film Screening with Women Against Poverty Collective

Part of A Potential Toronto
Initiated by Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry (TSCI)
More info: www.t-sci.ca

Thurs. 11 Oct. 2007
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Toronto Free Gallery
660 Queen Street East (w. of Broadview)

The Women Against Poverty Collective believes that in order for housing to be sustainable, it must be safe, and in order for housing to be safe, it must be controlled by women and for women.

Exposing the connections between poverty, violence and homelessness in women’s lives, Shiri Pasternak talks with Jennifer Plyler (WAPC) about their ongoing campaign to create safe, controlled housing for women at risk in Toronto.

Film Screening: ‘Women’s Housing Takeover’ (2007)
The film documents WAPC’s 3 Jun. 2007 takeover of an abandoned house in downtown Toronto.

**There will also be an opportunity to make a donation to WAPC.

About Women Against Poverty Collective
WAPC aims to win housing for survivors of violence. WAPC complements their squats and occupations with art in order to be visible/interactive/noisy and gain media attention. Such creative actions include song, clothes-line installations, street theater and interpretive dance. Most recently, WAPC conducted a stencil workshop as part of a new graffiti campaign to identify and draw attention to abandoned buildings in the city that could become housing for women who have experienced violence.

About A Potential Toronto
A Potential Toronto is an event series and exhibition spotlighting alternative economies, minor spaces, and organizing strategies. It is a preliminary step in a longer-term counter-cartography project which would render currents of radical energy visible, audible, and tactile.