Another city is possible. But what is to be done? Better, what is being done? How are individuals and groups organizing themselves to do it?

Initiated and facilitated by Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry, A Potential Toronto (APT) was an event series and exhibit spotlighting alternative economies, minor spaces, and organizing strategies. It was a preliminary step in a longer-term counter-cartography project which aims to render currents of radical energy visible, audible, and tactile.

Encompassing community consultations, community-generated events, art exhibits, and reading groups, APT took place in the summer and fall of 2007, mostly at the Toronto Free Gallery.

APT’s full project description can be read here.

For APT’s launch event, go here.

For APT’s October 2007 events and exhibition, go here.

For APT’s November 2007 events and exhibition, go here.

For APT’s reading group on the commons, go here.

In the Toronto Free Gallery (October 27 – November 17)

  • 24 Hour Gallery (window):
    ‘Common Sense Revolution’ – Scott Sorli
  • Lower Level:
    ‘Toronto’s Urban Unconscious’ – Adrian Blackwell, Tina Chung, Andrea Gaus, Davide Gianforcaro, Kim Ligers, Andrea Macecek, Graeme Stewart, and Geoffrey Thun. Projects from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design.
  • Upper Level:
    A Potential Toronto info-shop and library.